Unique Wedding Rings

Some beautiful friends are planning their wedding in 2012 at their gorgeous property in France – complete with a green wedding dress, guests in masks and eco-favours for everyone. I really can’t wait!

I was talking to them about wedding rings and with their love for the unconventional they were of course looking for something a little different. He proposed with a real daisy, and she wears a big flower engagement ring to represent that moment. So what unique and personal item would they want to exchange on the day?

I came across a wonderful company a little while ago called e+k charms, who offer bespoke electroforming of precious items as keepsakes.

e+k electroformed charms

I thought it would be a lovely way of preserving an item from a wedding day at the time, but realised that it may also be something my friend could use beforehand. Why not electroform the daisy she’s so carefully kept safe and make it into an item of jewelery to exchange in place of a ring??

Which got me thinking… could you try it yourself….?? Apparently so!


Now I can’t stop wandering about all the things I’d like to transform into forever keepsakes…has anyone else done this DIY? Personally I think I’ll stick to the professionals!

Find out more at www.eandkcharms.com


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