Bargain Beauty Treats!

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely and relaxing weekend, and are ready to start the week feeling tip top. Today’s post is for the ladies, especially those brides to be who want to treat themselves to a little luxury without the hefty price tags.

Like many of you, I’m a self confessed beauty junky. My bathroom is fit to burst with all sorts of lotions and potions, and my beauty product buying habit was at it’s very worst when I got married in 2010. I was determined to look radiant, spot free and damn near perfect for my wedding day – and so I embarked on a bridal mission to try almost every product that Space NK had on offer, reading hundreds of reviews online before making far too expensive purchases when we were trying to save for The Big Day.

I’m not going to do a full review of everything I used, what worked and what didn’t. Instead I’ve found a couple of services that will delight any beauty addict worth her moisturiser, but even more so for the brides trying to save on pennies. Before I do, there is ONE product I must give a big huge shout out for… Eve Lom Cleanser. Trust me on this one, buy it. Immediately. You will thank me when you see your glowy wedding photo’s with gorgeous skin!


Eve Lom Cleanser - Bridal Essential!


It looks expensive, and it is. But it lasts ages and you can skip half the other products you dump on your face every night & morning. Perfect for low maintenance girls (I wish!), and those that love a little indulgence.

On to more important things… BARGAIN BEAUTY! I’ve stumbled across a couple of uhmazing services that I remembered reading about ages ago and only just remembered to look them up again.


1) Boudoir Prive

2) Glossy Box

3) Latest in Beauty


I’ve yet to subscribe to any of them yet, but I intend to do so very soon! The idea is that you pay a monthly subscription of £10 per month (or less in the case of Latest in Beauty), and every month a gorgeous package arrives on your doorstep full of samples and goodies. HURRAH!!!! If something works well for you then you can confidently head to the shops and pick up the full size bottle without worrying it will make your skin erupt into a big red rash, or worse.

Glossy Box

Glossy Box

Boudoir Prive


Latest in Beauty

I’d love to hear from anyone who’d tried these services already, but from what I can tell the Latest in Beauty service is the odd one out as you order on demand and for as little as £1 (cheap, yes – but I like the idea of something turning up regularly dammit!), whereas the Boudoir Prive and Glossy Box services are much more alike. So which to go for?  Well you can read some reviews online here and here and make your own mind up, but personally I think I might try Glossy Box first… just looks a bit more mainstream yet still luxurious, and the pink box would be great to save for all my wedding scraps and mag cuttings!

Either way, if you’re engaged and looking for a bit of a monthly treat (or if you’re like me and just a bit obsessed with trying to look hotter than you actually are) then why not give it a whirl? I’ll review my first box once it arrives, but promise not to turn this into a beauty blog!!! I’ll just pick out those products I think would be great buys for brides, or those celebrating a special occasion and wanting to look tip top.

Would love your comments if you have tried these services before, would you recommend them to other brides to be?

Best wishes




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