Get some good karma in your life, and save vintage wedding cars!

Hi folks,

So another week has started, and today I’m blogging on behalf of a lovely wedding industry friend, Suzie from Karma Kars Cotswolds. She’s been passionately campaigning about new government proposals that are set to rock the industry – and in order to make sure my brides get to choose from a wide variety of awesome cars to book for their big day, I thought I’d help her spread the word.

Here’s the low down from the blonde bombshell lady chauffeur herself…

When couples decide to get married there’s so much to think about; venue, photographer, dress, flowers, cars – the list goes on and on. Up until now, it always been a given that in this country, there’s a vast array of vintage and classic wedding cars to choose from.  However, that’s all about to change if the Government’s new proposed laws go through.  Currently as it stands, wedding (and funeral) cars are exempt from the same rules and regulations that taxis and private hire vehicles have to obey.  This is why there is a plenitude of cars from the very old and rare to the unusual and quirky – like Goa Sunset, owned by KKC.   Just like mine, these beautiful cars are often owned by individuals or small businesses who hire them out as wedding cars.  We are passionate about our cars and see wedding hire as a way of helping with the running costs, to keep our prized possessions on the road for all to see and enjoy.

The Law Commissions proposals, which are currently out to consultation until August, would see wedding cars come under the same strict licensing & emissions tests as taxis, costing around £650 per year per car.  It will basically be a death knell for the vintage wedding car industry and in a few years time, what classic cars are left will be few and far between and hugely expensive to hire.

So please help Suzie protect Goa Sunset, and cars just like her from disappearing forever by doing at least one of the following :-

  1. Signing the e-petition at
  2. Emailing your views direct to The Law Commission at
  3. Writing to your MP who you can find on
  4. Sharing this article through Twitter and Facebook

Oh and if you stumbled upon this looking for a unique and beautiful wedding car to book for your big day in the Cotswolds… BINGO! This is what you’re looking for. Check out the Karma Kars gallery online and give Suzie a call on 01242 248 190 or 07828 309 527. She’s really very friendly!

Thanks for the support.



Photography Credits:

  1. PhotoGlow
  2. Joy Pictures
  3. Mark Walford

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