Wedding Magazine Coverage from the Cotswolds

It’s been a very busy month in Jessie Thomson Weddings & Events HQ (!) and I’ve been delighted to feature again in the wonderful Wedding Ideas Magazine July 2012 issue. It was an article on DIY vs Buy, and most of you know that I love a craft project more than most but their are downsides to taking on everything yourself. 

My top tips:

1) Plan, plan, plan, plan….. PLAN! Seriously, if you’re going DIY then you need plenty of time on your hands.

2) Don’t DIY on photographs. Just don’t.

3) Practice, practice, practice… x100!

4) Let family members and friends help if they are willing and able.

5) Check your costs. Sometimes hiring or buying from a reputable supplier will actually cost you less.

6) Research your projects, get inspired by blogs, and find free templates.

7) Consider hiring a planner to help guide you, manage your budget, and pull things together on the day.


Wedding Ideas Magazine July 2012 Issue – Jessie Thomson featured in DIY vs Buy

I was also delighted to spot one of my 2012 brides in Issue 2 of the fabulous Unique Bride Magazine with beautiful photographs from Bigeye Photography. You can see some of the images from that wedding here, or grab a copy of this latest industry mag in WHSmith now.


Unique Bride Magazine – Issue 2

Hoping I get some more of my fabulous brides into more wedding magazines this year, some super pretty ones coming up!!



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