DIY Glitter Feather Tutorial

Hey there,

My hubby came home from Brighton last night with advent  calendars from the in-laws. Which means one thing, Christmas is just around the corner!!

I recently styled a table for the Hyde Barn Tweetup and promised to share a few tutorials for the DIY elements (there were quite a few!). One of the prettiest was the glitter feather garlands I made to decorate the backs of the chairs:

Gold Glitter Dipped White Feathers

Image via Photoglow

Gold Glitter Feather Garland Chair Back

Image via Eve Dunlop

They are so simple to make and would also look great at place settings  or strung up around the venue, perhaps even a gorgeous backdrop for the head table. I also think they’d look super pretty adorning a Christmas tree, so thought I’d share this one with you first!

Ok so here’s what you need:

  1. Pack of white feathers (I got mine from amazon nice and cheap, but you can also get them from other craft shops fairly easily)
  2. Gold thread (or twine, or cotton, or ribbon, or…. you get the picture!)
  3. PVA glue (I used mod podge as it dries nice and clear)
  4. Gold glitter
  5. Small paintbrush
  6. Newspaper (the glitter gets messy!)

So I started off by pouring some glitter into plastic container – I found this helpful in getting an even coverage and also when sprinkling glitter from the main container it allowed me to keep things tidy. I then dipped one end of the feather into the tub of glue, shaking off any excess, before dipping straight into my container of glitter. It worked, but the result was a bit too heavy on the glitter for me (never thought  you’d hear me say that!).

So, I got a cheap small paintbrush, and with my next feather I painted the glue on in a thin layer before sprinkling with the glitter  (over my container to catch it). This resulted in a much neater finish with just as much sparkle… so I continued using that technique until I’d done around five feathers per chair.

I used fine gold thread to string each mini garland together – but you could use any string/cotton/ribbon that takes your fancy. If you do use a finer thread then be careful not to get them tangled if you need to transport them (like I did!).

By the way I also did some others afterwards with gold glitter spray (just spraying the ends of each feather), which was much more subtle but looked gorgeous. A good option if need to save time or don’t want the mess!!

Happy glittering!



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