DIY Tutorial: Gold Glitter Reindeer (Plastic Toys)

Brrrr, it’s frosty today! Had to fill up on gingerbread latte whilst walking the doggy this morning – much rather it was like this than soggy and wet though. Hopefully will stay this way for any Cotswold winter weddings, but could do without the snow and ice this year!

I promised a tutorial on how to make the gold glitter reindeer I recently created for the Hyde Barn Tweetup….

Gold Glitter Animals Wedding Table

Image via Motif Wedding Photography

For some time there has been a trend in the wedding industry (and some general pinterest love) for spray painting little plastic animal figures for table decorations, and it’s such a simple but cute addition which would particularly suit a farm or barn wedding venue. They’d make great escort cards, or cake toppers and are perfect an animal loving couple!

As the wedding table I styled was so close to Christmas I thought I’d take this trend one stop further with little woodland creatures covered in glitter… blingtastic! The little deer folk are now on my fireplace mantel looking rather jolly even if I do say do myself.

glitter reindeer and hearts fireplace

Image via Jessie Thomson on Instagram

These were so easy to make, here is  what you need….

  • Plastic Figurines – you can buy tubs of animals online, most commonly you’ll find farm, rainforest, zoo and jungle creatures. My reindeer were from Schleich which can be found in most toy shops and via amazon.
  • Mod Podge – or other white pva glue
  • Gold glitter
  • Paintbrush – any old/cheap one will do, just make sure it’s fairly small so you can get into the nooks and crannies!
  • Newspaper – glitter gets messy!

I used my paintbrush to give the plastic deer a thin(ish) layer of glue all over, held it over the newspaper and then sprinkled glitter all over until it was covered. Here is what they lookd like after the one coat:

Gold Glitter Reindeer Toys

Not bad, but you can see there a few spots missing glitter, especially  where I was holding them (the foot!) and glue had come off. I let them dry overnight then touched up with extra glue in the gaps with my litte paintbrush the next morning, re-sprinked glitter and voila, they were evenly covered!!

Gold Sparkle Deer

Image via Photoglow

They are a fun an easy Christmas project, and actually I think they’d look cute turned into Christmas tree hanging decorations or used to tie onto Christmas wrapped pressies for a bit of luxe.

What do you think?



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