Beauty Department: A DIY Bridesmaids Make-Up Tutorial

I’ve decided I need to blog more, to make this a better resource for both my brides and others out there who would like access to behind the wedding planner scenes exclusive content, DIY tutorials, real wedding features and lots more locally inspired fabulousness. I feel the need to do more feature interviews with Cotswold wedding suppliers and tell you all about the latest (and coolest) wedding fairs. And I’m going to start a regular newsletter… something that’s been on my “to do” list for a while now!

Part of this master plan is to feature more guest bloggers, as I did recently when I posted about the key questions you should ask your  photographer. I’d also like to share more beauty tips, since I am a self confessed addict to anything that smells good and comes in pretty packaging. 

So it’s this desire that brings you a fabulous guest post from super lovely make-up artist Vanessa Smith. Over to her, my resident expert today in all things bridesmaid. I’m making notes myself on all those key products….


If you have a quick search on the internet you are inundated with ‘Brides’ tutorials.  There is very little information out there for the Bride to direct her Bridesmaids or for the Bridesmaids out there who have free reign over their makeup for their friend’s big day.

So many aspects of a Wedding are planned with military precision and I believe the Makeup should not be an exception either. Most Brides have a theme for the day and want this to continue through to the Bridesmaid dresses and even sometimes the Makeup.

My key tip is don’t necessarily try and match your Makeup to your theme but find a consistent and adaptable look that can be created to emphasise and make the best of your Bridesmaids individual looks.

Whether you decide to get a Makeup Artist in to do the Makeup, or you are doing it yourselves it’s important to agree between you some ground rules and direction for the Bridal Parties Makeup. If the Bride has chosen a natural, fresh and glowing look and one Bridesmaid decides to have a full on smokey eye with lashing of mascara, false lashes and a bright lip then all focus will be shifted away from the one person that everyone should be looking at! Equally, if you have all Bridesmaids with Makeup on apart from one person who is bare faced, this is also going to draw the focus away from the Bride and make an impact on the Photos of the day.

For those who don’t wear much makeup keep the look soft and neutral with neutrals, pinks and taupes and for those wanting something more dramatic the use of eyeliner and false lashes can really transform the look without it being too out of the way and in keeping with the overall look.

Step by step guide to Bridesmaid Makeup

1. Skin prep is key to ensuring you have good base for the makeup to be applied to. Regular exfoliation in the run up to the day is invaluable to smooth skin along with cleansing and moisturising your skin twice daily.

2. I always apply a Primer once I have moisturised by. One of my favourites is Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer which creates a smooth base and ensures that foundation lasts.

3. I prefer to use a foundation brush to apply foundation as love the even finish that it gives and the adaptability to build up the product if needed. More a very natural finish you can use a sponge or fingers to apply the product.

DIY natural make-up tutorial

One of my favourite products in my Bridal kit currently is Nars Sheer Glow Foundation. This gives a lovely glowing light/medium coverage. I then conceal and prime the eye area before lightly powdering the face with a translucent powder.

4. I used a large eye shadow brush to sweep a pearlescent pink over the whole of the eye before applying a lovely warm brown colour to the socket which was then blended out. A small amount of highlighter across the brown bone completes the shadow part of this look.

5. I opted for a pencil liner to apply a neat line across the upper lash line to keep the look soft. It’s important when using a pencil that it is a good quality liner as some of the cheaper ones are often renowned for smudging. My recommendation would be Mac Pro Longwear eyeliner.

bridesmaids make up tutorial

Apply this closely to the bottom lashes too approximately halfway across the eye.

6. I always use Waterproof Mascara on the whole Bridal party. Running mascara can ruin a whole look and you don’t want to spend the day with smudged makeup after being caught out with an attack of the tears during the ceremony! Go for two coats and ensure you get as close to the root of the lash as possible for luscious lashes.

7. I generally like to apply some product to the brows to fill in any gaps or to tame and unruly hairs. I do so by using a powder product and clear brow gel.

8. Next apply some blush to the cheeks. If you have aged or extremely dry skin then a cream blush may be the best option for you. Alternatively a rose blush suits most skin tones and apply this to the apples of the cheeks sweeping gently up into the cheek bones.

diy bridesmaids makeup tutorial

9. Apply a nude liner to the lips to create a base for the lipstick or gloss to hold onto and ensure longevity. Finally, apply a nude or pink tonal lipstick with a lip brush to the lips to finish your look. I’m a big fan of Bobbi Brown Lip Colour and often recommend these onto my clients.

bridesmaids natural makeup

I think you can see from the before and after that a beautiful and natural look has been created and is very adaptable for all skin types, tones and ages.

bridesmaids makeup before and after

how to do bridesmaids make up

Thanks to Paul from the Lemon House Photography for his patience and skills in taking the shots for this look.

Thanks Vanessa! I adore that lip colour, it really pops out and makes me feel ready for Spring. Prettiness! If you are looking for a bridal make up artist in the Cotswolds then look no further, and if you are a bridesmaid panicking about how to make yourself look good in the official photographs then I hope this helps!



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