Wedding Industry Experts 2013 Awards

It’s feeling like Spring all of a sudden, which has made me feel all happy and positive, and so I’ve taken myself out of my comfort zone and decided to enter into the category of Best Wedding Planner in the Weddings Industry Experts 2013 Awards.

I’m not normally one to enter into these things, I always sort of felt that you should be nominated by someone else to qualify for any sort of award rather than shamelessly promoting yourself in order to be thought of as the best amongst your peers. However when I mentioned this to my hubby he looked at me like I was mad. “You used to be in PR love, are you kidding?”.

Ah. He has a point. Why is it so much harder to blow your own trumpet?! I mean, I love announcing exciting news and sharing my couples beautiful weddings… but the whole “vote for me” thing just seems one step further. But I’m doing it… yup, I’m really doing it.


in it to win it


Image via Pinterest


So with that image burning into my computer screen for the next couple of weeks. I would love it, seriously LOVE it, if you would vote for me as “Best Wedding Planner” in the awards, which shows support for wedding professionals that clients and suppliers in the industry appreciate.

You can cast one vote per 24 hours, with votes closing at 12pm EST on 23rd April. Official results will be released on 30th April 2013.

wedding industry awards

Wish me luck, I’m up against some serious talent!



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