Owl Themed Birthday Party

Last month the lovely Rosie from LoveLuxe Blog happily featured my little girl’s 1st birthday party celebration – a pink owl themed day with pictures taken by the talented Charlie from CKB Photography.

It was such a lovely day and I was so lucky to have such beautiful sweet treats provided by Made by Marie Green and The Cheltenham Cakery. I thought I’d share some of the photo’s with you here just in case you missed it before!

Would love to hear from anyone planning their own little one’s first birthday, what’s your theme?



Perfect Quick Summer Pud: Rhubarb and Amaretti Tart

My favourite cook books from what is now a pretty massive collection are the Leon ones. I haven’t yet got the two latest books in the series, but they are most definitely on my wish list as every recipe I have tried from the first two have been spot on. The most used one recently is the “Naturally Fast Food: Book 2” as I have a toddler, work from home and most definitely need recipes that are quick and easy to whip up for the family!


Just the other night I had an impromptu dinner party with my Uncle who was visiting from New York and my Grandmother (who lives just around the corner from me!). I went to this book first to look for an easy pudding that was also suitably Summer like. I found this one for a Rhubarb and Amaretti Tart.

IT WAS DELICIOUS. I can’t even show you photo’s of the end product as it was snaffled so quickly, but here is the recipe (with a bit of amendment from me) if you wanted to try it:


  • 375g ready-rolled puff pastry or roll puff pastry to a rectangle about 35x25cm
  • 80g amaretti biscuits
  • 500g rhubarb
  • 100g sugar
  • Creme fraiche or cream to serve


  1. Heat the oven to 200 degrees celsius
  2. Unroll the pastry and place it on a baking tray that has been lined with greaseproof paper.
  3. Fold over the edges of the pastry on all sides and press down along each edge with a fork.
  4. Crumble the amaretti biscuits and scatter over the bottom of the tart.
  5. Slice the rhubarb into long thin strips and put into a bowl
  6. The recipe in the book says to toss the rhubarb in the sugar only when you are ready to cook and immediately stack it on top of the pastry, then put it into the oven. *I actually had a bit of work to do before everyone arrived so I did this step way before cooking, what happened was a load of liquid formed and settled in the pastry base… I worried that it might ruin everything, but it didn’t seem to make a difference. Although I expect my end result might have been a bit crunchier if I had done it last minute.
  7. Cook for 35 to 40 minutes, until the pastry is a light golden colour.

I also crumbled some extra amaretti biscuits and toasted almonds on top at the end which looked really nice and added a nit more crunch. I took the whole thing to the table as it looked so pretty and everyone got stuck in – it served 6 people perfectly, I gave the option of cream or creme fraiche but it would just as well with ice cream or custard.

Yum! The sweetness of the amaretti against the tartness of the rhubarb just worked really well.

If you’re a busy Mama or a working gal, then this book is definitely one to pick up and keep to hand in the kitchen.



Rock My Wedding Real Brides for 2014… Pick Mine!

Hello dear readers, I hope you are having a great weekend?

I’m pretty excited right now as last week I spotted that tone of my lovely 2014 couples Christine & Ryan are finalists in the RMW real Brides competition. *squeals*


christine and ryan



Image via Rock My Wedding


I’m only helping them with my “on the day” services and I know they would really love to win this. Such a cute couple, totally deserving. So, if you want to support them (you do don’t you?) then please do scroll down on their page and enter the word “vote” in the comments. That’s it!

Thanks so much.



Rapunzel Theme Styled Shoot with So Sassi

Recently I was asked by Jenny from Love Me Love My Wedding to collaborate with her on a styled shoot for So Sassi wedding dresses from Sassi Holford. Obviously I said yes!

We had three scenes, each of which I created a moodboard for to help give direction to all the suppliers involved. The photos will be landing here soon, but I thought I’d reveal a little bit of the first scene, inspired by the fairy tale of Rapunzel.

I chose the colour scheme based on details from the story itself… Rapunzel was caught stealing rampion plants, which is a common name for several wildflower plants which all have lilac colour flowers.

Rapunzel Theme

All images via Pinterest

The official photos of this styled scene will be featured here soon, but I couldn’t resist sharing this beautiful video take on the day by Vogue Wedding Films for the weekend!

Don’t know about you but I am massively lusting after short wedding dresses right now. Stunning.



Wedding Chat With Assassynation

beach wedding

I’m really excited about today’s post because my pages are being graced with the presence of lovely Sassy, the beautiful lady behind the incredible Assasynation photography. Based not far from me in the Cotswolds, her fabulous images have been featured … Continue reading

Personalised Hen Party Kits: Fun Idea for Jewellery Lovers… And Who Isn’t One of Those?!

I first met Working Clasp and Checkmybox at the super duper fantastic and totally awesome un-wedding fair that is the Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza earlier this year. They gifted me a bright pink necklace spelling out the word “bitches” as an example of their new concept where brides looking for a non-traditional and more stand out hen do could host an event creating their own customised necklaces. I could totally imagine hitting the town with some of my girlies wearing matching naughty necklaces similar to the one they made for me! Here is the low down from the ladies behind the two brilliant companies behind the idea…..

hen party kit

In recent years the idea of a traditional hen party has evolved from Barbie pink L plates and slippery male torsos to an all the more classier affair. The resurgence of craft has given today’s hen an alternative or just an added extra when organising a party for all the girls. Here at Checkmybox/Working Clasp HQ we decided we wanted to bridge the gap between the tasteful day’s events and the scandalous evening’s chaos. We wanted to combine decorative cupcakes with fancy dresses, frilly knickers and foolish nicknames. We wanted to unite craft and celebration, with the option to make a truly unique keepsake for all the girls to enjoy.


personalised hen do necklaces

Our kits not only include all the pieces you need to create your own customised name necklace, but also include detailed instructions to begin making jewellery and enough tools for every hen to take home and continue to create their own jewellery after the event!

We offer a fully customisable selection of letters and charms that come individually bagged with the rest of the necklace parts. We can make a variety of colours and you can pick a font from a huge selection for the range. We work very closely with our hens to make sure everything is exactly as required. And don’t worry with previous examples ranging from childhood nicknames to more outrageous, tongue in cheek puns, we’ve seen (and can make) it all! 


If you want to find out more about hosting your own alternative hen party event then check out the Personalised Hen Party Kits via Checkmybox.

Such a cute idea don’t you think?



Wedding Yurts Open Day in Gloucestershire

Ahhh Summer is almost here… I can feel it!

I actually have a strange rule about seasonal fashion, I only ever wear tights in those months with an “R” in it. So as of 1st May I am banishing my opaques until September at the earliest. No matter what the weather does! Don’t ask me why, it just makes my wardrobe feel fresher and lifts my mood.

And what better way to spend an (almost) perfect Summer’s day than sipping free champagne and enjoying a picnic in the Cotswolds at a gorgeous open day run by Lizzie from Wedding Yurts?


WY Picnic High Res



If you’re thinking of having an outdoor/garden/festival wedding then this is a really great opportunity to check out these beautiful structures… I’ve seen them all set up and they are stunning. Really beautiful.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend ahead, and if you want a bit of inspiration for your more traditional marquee wedding then hop on over to Love My Dress, where one of my gorgeous 2012 weddings was featured in all its glory!!



Wedding Industry Experts 2013 Awards

It’s feeling like Spring all of a sudden, which has made me feel all happy and positive, and so I’ve taken myself out of my comfort zone and decided to enter into the category of Best Wedding Planner in the Weddings Industry Experts 2013 Awards.

I’m not normally one to enter into these things, I always sort of felt that you should be nominated by someone else to qualify for any sort of award rather than shamelessly promoting yourself in order to be thought of as the best amongst your peers. However when I mentioned this to my hubby he looked at me like I was mad. “You used to be in PR love, are you kidding?”.

Ah. He has a point. Why is it so much harder to blow your own trumpet?! I mean, I love announcing exciting news and sharing my couples beautiful weddings… but the whole “vote for me” thing just seems one step further. But I’m doing it… yup, I’m really doing it.


in it to win it


Image via Pinterest


So with that image burning into my computer screen for the next couple of weeks. I would love it, seriously LOVE it, if you would vote for me as “Best Wedding Planner” in the awards, which shows support for wedding professionals that clients and suppliers in the industry appreciate.

You can cast one vote per 24 hours, with votes closing at 12pm EST on 23rd April. Official results will be released on 30th April 2013.

wedding industry awards

Wish me luck, I’m up against some serious talent!



Wedding Chat With Crown and Glory Hair Accessories

Ok so by now you must know about the sparkly bridal heaven for unique and alternative brides that is Crown and Glory right? No?! Where have you been??

Sophie’s creations have been featured on pretty much all the best blogs, endorsed by fashion mags and supported by major high street chains. It’s safe to say she’s a girl who knows a bit about making the perfect hair accessory. Personally I want one of her glitter hair bows in every colour. And one of her “whole lotta rosie” headbands too please. Actually just give me one of everything!

Just in case you haven’t heard all about Sophie and her pretty business, I recently interviewed her especially for the blog. And guess what? She also threw in a special offer of 15% off any online order of the ready to wear collection, just for my readers, all you need to do is  enter the discount code JESSIELOVES15 when you get to the checkout on her website!

butterfly bridal hair accessory

Image via Crown and Glory Lookbook Spring/Summer 2013

Tell me a little bit about yourself

Sophie, 25, from Cornwall UK. Think of me as your slightly eccentric best friend who likes cats, cooking and marathon shopping.

Tell me about Crown and Glory

Crown and Glory is an independent accessories label that was born from my delight of wearing things in my hair. From festival worthy florals to hi fashion turbans, our collections are trend led and fun, produced in low product runs right here in the UK. We pride ourselves in ensuring each piece is of the highest quality yet still totally affordable. We also take custom orders on a small basis.

How long have you been in business?

Officially trading 2 years in June, Crown and Glory started as a hobby and just kept growing. We’ve just taken on our first employee and hope to have more by the end of year 2!

crown and glory bridal

Image via Blue Daisy Photography

How did you get involved in the industry?

I fell into it a bit really – while I’ve always been in arts based education, Crown and Glory began as a hobby during university – my final year of my degree was slow and I wanted an escape, to be able to produce something just because I liked it – like I said, I’d always worn things in my hair and at the time, hair accessories were an ill thought, vague addition to high street jewellery lines or ridiculously overpriced.

If you weren’t involved in your own business, what else would you like to do?

That’s so hard! Through Crown and Glory I have found a love of fashion communications – from running the social media campaigns to that buzz when a piece of coverage is secured, so I guess you’d probably find me causing chaos at a fashion PR house.

What or who inspires you?

Cliched and contrived it may be, but my inspirations are from a vast array of sources – street style, high fashion, couture – people, stylists and designers who aren’t afraid to be a little different and have a lot of fun.

bride red hair

Image via Emma Case Photography

What do you love most about your job?

Each day is so varied – I can be bogged down in sample selection one minute and jaunting off to a meeting at Soho House the next. Receiving unexpected letters and emails of gratitude and thanks from customers warms my heart – I keep them in a little folder on my computer as a pick me up if things are getting me down.

What makes your service unique?

Attention to detail – our orders are wrapped like presents, we include luxe packaging as standard and go the extra mile with regards to customer service.

What’s your best memory from your job so far?

Sitting front row at London Fashion Week, September 2012, seeing my pieces on the models at Danillo Gabrielli for House of Evolution. The most surreal? A week earlier I was making headbands to order in the window of Oasis’ flagship Oxford Street store for their party for Vogue Fashion’s Night Out. I told you, varied!

floral crown pink hair bride

Image via Lisa Devlin at Devlin Photos

What’s the most unusual request you’ve ever had?

I’m currently working on customising a piece for a bride – a family heirloom, her mother’s wedding crown, made current with silky spring hued florals. I was so nervous to begin attaching to it but it’s been such fun to see it coming together!

What’s your working week like?

I’m typically at my desk by 9am, having checked through the nights’ emails over breakfast in bed. Processing orders and customer service take priority, with a check through the press to see if we’ve gained any coverage on a Tuesday. Being based in Cornwall, a lot of my meetings with boutiques and wholesale clients are conducted over Skype in the afternoons. A quick trip to the local sorting office around 430 each day to deposit our post is a welcome 10 minute walk, especially in the spring sunshine. I get back and crack on with scheduling social media and blog posts for the next day and overview the order schedule. At the end of each working day (usually around 6-7pm) I head to the gym to wind down – spin class, Bodycombat, Bodymax and Pilates. I relax after I return with a nice dinner and a read through my favourites blogs and magazines.

What made you want to work in the wedding industry?

Again, I sort of fell into it! This is my first year of ‘working the circuit’ after last year I received custom orders from brides and amazing coverage from the likes of Rock n Roll Bride and Perfect Wedding mag. I love hearing about brides details and seeing them look so happy and smiley in their wedding photos.

crown and glory red glitter bow

Image via Lisa Devlin at Devlin Photos

Have you seen many changes since you started your business?

This year, it’s all about the ‘alternative’ wedding. Naysayers claim that it’s a term that is going to implode but I don’t see what can be so wrong with couples feeling that its ok for them to out their stamp on their day.

What’s the biggest misconception about your industry/service?

That everyone is out to make an extra buck as soon as the word ‘wedding’ is mentioned. I price all wedding orders as I would a custom order for a festival or race day, and actually am often able to offer discounts if I’m creating multiples of the same piece, for example.

Have you worked with any other vendors or suppliers that you’d recommend to couples getting married? And why?

We love all the folks that showcased at All About EWE (aka the Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza) – Veronica Dearly, Emma Case, Polkadot Fox, Elbie van Eeden, Jenny Revive, so many more!

Where can we find you?

Web: http://www.crownandglory.co.uk
Email: sales@crownandglory.co.uk
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/crownandglory_
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/crownandgloryaccessories
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/crownandglory_
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/crownandglory

Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza: Behind the Scenes with Jessie Thomson

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Eclectic Wedding Extravanza as one of their “baad ass mother-flockers” where I set up an entire living room for me to chat about all things wedding planning with couples looking for something a little different… a little ewenique… ! Massive thanks to The Gloucestershire Wedding Company for lending me their super duper awesome photobooth backfrop for my living room. You can now hire it out for your big day complete with a big box of props, and if you hop over to my Facebook page you might want to scroll down and enter the competition to WIN it for FREE on your big day!

vintage furniture living room photobooth

There is a great video for you to watch from Frank Millar where you can spot me on more than one occasion. Usually talking too much!

I also ran a wedding planning workshop and introduced the entire fashion show which was a first for me! Of course I also had a little walk about before couples started to arrive and took a few photos on my phone for you lovely lot. If you want to see MUCH better images then take a look at Jay Mountford’s Facebook page!

Hope you enjoyed the little round up from me. And if you came along to the show and met me, don’t forget to get in touch with your special discount code!