Wedding Yurts Open Day in Gloucestershire

Ahhh Summer is almost here… I can feel it!

I actually have a strange rule about seasonal fashion, I only ever wear tights in those months with an “R” in it. So as of 1st May I am banishing my opaques until September at the earliest. No matter what the weather does! Don’t ask me why, it just makes my wardrobe feel fresher and lifts my mood.

And what better way to spend an (almost) perfect Summer’s day than sipping free champagne and enjoying a picnic in the Cotswolds at a gorgeous open day run by Lizzie from Wedding Yurts?


WY Picnic High Res



If you’re thinking of having an outdoor/garden/festival wedding then this is a really great opportunity to check out these beautiful structures… I’ve seen them all set up and they are stunning. Really beautiful.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend ahead, and if you want a bit of inspiration for your more traditional marquee wedding then hop on over to Love My Dress, where one of my gorgeous 2012 weddings was featured in all its glory!!




Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza – It’s all about EWE 2!!

What happens when three slightly mad wedding suppliers come together? They hatch a crazy plan….that’s what!!

When Sassy (Assassynation), Jo (Couture Company) and Vikki (Liliia) got nattering over a glass of wine (standard)  they decided  that they would put on a Wedding Extravaganza with a real mix of suppliers. Let’s hear it from the ladies themselves…


We want to put on an amazing wedding extravaganza (aka fair) that would be exciting for both the suppliers and  couples alike, so we hatched a plan  “A-team” style (Hannibal Smith would be proud).

The first show back in November 2012 was an amazing success and was so well received we couldn’t resist the cries from couples and Mo Flo’s alike of “When are EWE putting on another show???” So with one show under our belts we have launched EWE2!!  This will be held on the 24th March 2013 at Fazeley Studios in Birmingham…with lots more awesome suppliers.

The idea is that we want people to shake off the shackles of what is considered ‘normal’ or ‘traditional’ and to take their own personalities and loves and stamp them on their weddings.  With that in mind we have picked suppliers who can help EWE do that!

This is no ordinary wedding show, the suppliers aka the Baad Ass Mother Flockers have been chosen and invited based on their personalities, the quality of their end product and the fact that they offer something unique. White linen covered trestle tables are discouraged and hard sells are banished, we want you to come along, have a drink and a good old natter to the Mother Flockers that catch your eye.  The Mo Flo’s are being challenged to create stands that are totally unique and interactive. As well as having awesome Mo Flo’s at the show, we will be running some competitions, having a fashion walkabout/ramble and organising a treasure hunt!

So we are putting a call out to all you gamers, goths, geeks, rockabillies,  psychobillies, off the walls, mods and rockers, steampunks, new punks, old punks, flappers ,happy clappers, hipsters and hell-raisers, bohemians, folks who are inked and pinked, or if Ewe just want YOU to shine through.

We hope to offer you some things that are really EWEnique for your weddings.

Our Motto:-

“Don’t be a wedding sheep…it’s all about EWE!!!”

Our venue, Fazeley Studios, was chosen due to the fact it is such a gorgeous space (and yes they do have weddings there) with tons of natural light to show off our Mo Flo’s work in the best possible way.

We will have a themed café so you can have a drink and something to eat as well as a wedding dress walkabout to showcase some of the gorgeous frocks.  There will also be a fun-tastic treasure hunt where answers to clues can be found on the Mo Flo’s stands.  We want EWE to get involved, pick stuff up, take a good look, really check out the Mo Flo’s and ask them tons of questions as they are all a super friendly bunch.

One thing we can assure you of is that it will be a fun day out, with tons of giveaways, lots to learn and see and not one bit like a ‘normal’ wedding fair!

Why not see who’s going to be there? Take a nose round our site! More suppliers will be added over the coming weeks.

Mo Flo’s already signed up include Jessie Thomson Weddings & Events, Emma Case photography, Shutterbox Films, Hat Therapy, prior Engagement Gowns, Revive Me Boutique, The Conjurer’s kitchen, Chris Barber, Little Ruby Red Cake toppers, Disco Wed, The rebel party band, Crown and Glory, Toast of Leeds, Elbie Van Eeden Make up Artist, The Vintage Salon to name but a few……

Check our website for a full list of Mo Flo’s

Have a ramble around the site, register and get your tickets early at a BAAAAArgain price of £3 YES!!! EWEheard right…..only £3 !!!!

Yup that’s right folks, I’ll be there too… so why not come along and find me for a chin wag, I am already having cold sweats thinking about what on earth I should wear to what is arguably THE coolest “wedding fair” in the land. *sigh*



Fabulous Wedding Festival: An Alternative Wedding Fair for Unique Brides

For anyone who doesn’t already know, The FabulousWedFest show is bring held from 11am – 10pm on Saturday 16th March 2013 at Muddifords Court Country House in Devon. I’ll be exhibiting there so if you are based locally it’s the perfect chance to come and say hello as well as scouting for other incredibly awesome wedding suppliers. In addition to my little stand I will be styling a table at the special wedding banquet, and offering a DIY workshop on planning timelines and budgeting tips & advice.


This is way more special than just the usual wedding show you come across ladies and gents.

This wedding show is an emporium of DIY loveliness aimed at couples who are looking for alternative, quirky, original, festival finds to make your wedding a little bit more like you two!

Each exhibitor at the Fabulous Wedding Festival has been hand picked, to make sure that they are FUN, CREATIVE and passionate about WEDDINGS. The event will feature goodies such as:

An Art Gallery for Photographers and film-makers to present their work

A Rocks & Frocks Catwalk where there will be a variety of independent wedding dress designers

A Wedding Banquet ready for you to eat food from a selection of caterers on beautifully styled tables

A Boys Club offering everything from suits to shoes and the all important bar

DIY Workshops hints and tips from top wedding suppliers on how to make your wedding amazing

Live Music throughout the event from a selection of bands with live bands from 6pm

Tickets for the general public are now on sale now at only £4 each. Buy tickets online http://

Follow news and update via the Facebook page too!



Wedding Suppliers: Why Do I Need To Hire a Planner?

Hello, I hope everyone had a lovely sunny weekend?

I’ve been in two minds about writing this blog post because as I’m a wedding planner myself, I’m worried this will come across as a purely promotional opportunity for my own services. However after chatting to several brides in consultations recently and hearing all about their friends and family members horror stories from mismanaged and stressful wedding days, I’ve decided it’s actually my duty to help educate couples on why it really is important that you hire a wedding planner!

There are lots of articles about this out there on the web, especially in the US  where planners are more mainstream than here in the UK. They all basically say this… you’ll invest a huge chunk of your budget on a great photographer to capture all the special moments and your carefully chosen details, you’ll hire a florist to create beautiful floral displays and bouquets, spend additional funds on sweet little favours, apportion some of your budget towards a creative guest book display, and extra ££’s on extending the opening hours of your bar…. but when it comes to hiring a professional wedding planner to pull together all of those details you invested so much time and money on so that your day runs smoothly and stress free….. instead you decide to spend your own wedding worrying or hand over the reigns to a well meaning (or even reluctant) Aunt/Mum/Sister.

Also, since this is where lots of industry folk and couples get confused, I wanted to take the opportunity to clarify that there is actually a huge difference between an in house venue co-ordinator and an independent wedding planner. More on that later.

So here starts the education folks….

styling by jessie thomson cotswold wedding planner



What is the difference between a “wedding planner” and “wedding co-ordinator”?

They are basically the same thing. What you need to be aware of is the difference between “on-the-day co-ordination” and other more comprehensive planning and styling services.

On the day co-ordination usually begins a few weeks before the wedding date which means the couple has done most of the legwork themselves – finding suppliers, coming up with a theme and managing their own budget etc.  A planners role for this “on the day” service is to create comprehensive schedules and itineraries, liaise with suppliers, problem solve, and generally be the main point of contact for the actual wedding day by overseeing and pulling together all of those details that the bride and groom have spent months, even years, planning. Basically this service puts you in control of the whole planning process but allows you, your wedding party and your guests to enjoy the big day without the stress by employing someone else to do the hard work while you enjoy every moment with family and friends.

If you are thinking about hiring a wedding planner then you should be aware that they can go far and beyond supporting you on just the day of the wedding.  A planner often works with a couple for up to a year before the big day helping with everything from  bespoke design and theme creation, budget management, advice on stationery and RSVP management, individual supplier recommendations based on style and budget,  contract negotiation and co-ordination of everything from start to fnish.  Wedding planners are a great option for couples that want assurance that they are hiring reliable suppliers, who want to ensure that they get the most they can within budget, or simply have a demanding and busy lifestyle with work and family commitments.

A wedding planner is there for you….their boss is YOU. Some people worry that they will start to make decisions for you or take away the fun of planning, but in truth they are simply there to help you make informed decisions and to make sure everything is pulled together perfectly, holding your hand along the way.

Jessie Thomson with Real Bride



I’m on a really tight budget, so there is no way I could afford a wedding planner!

Have a good look at your total budget and how much money you are spending elsewhere, it really does surprise me how many couples decide not to put aside anything for a wedding planner who will be able to co-ordinate all those other “essential” suppliers and take care of every little detail on the day.

In reality a planner can save you time and money

We have excellent relationships with suppliers and venues since we work on multiple weddings and locations each year, and we can help you put together a realistic budget based on our inside knowledge on what you should expect to pay (and make sure you have realistic expectations), discover where your priorities are and help make sure you don’t overspend.  In fact, the money and time you save from hiring a planner might actually be greater than the total cost of the planner. Which is pretty awesome really.

Jessie Thomson, Wedding & Event Planner and Stylist


I have a great network of family and friends who are all willing to help us out on the day

Brilliant! Everyone needs people like this on their team. However unless you have a family member who is a professional event planner, it may not be as smooth sailing as you think it will be.  Often these key people will be totally preoccupied with socialising, having one too many glasses of champagne, swooning over your wedding dress, taking hundreds (literally, hundreds) of photos, and generally won’t be totally focused on all the small and important details that will make the whole day run smoothly.  They won’t be aware of problems behind the scenes and important last minute decisions, and they won’t have a phone book full of supplier contacts just in case one does let you down last minute.




I have an in house wedding co-ordinator at my venue and together with the catering manager they have assured me that I don’t need to hire a wedding planner.

Ok so it’s no secret that this is one of the most frequently heard statements that really frustrates me! What you need to know is this: in house wedding co-ordinators at a venue exist because they are hired by the venue to maintain and manage the venue only (i.e. food, linen hire, bar staff etc.).  Sure, some of them are tasked with making sure their clients are also happy, but no matter what extras they promise they can help with, when push comes to shove they work for the venue and not for you.  Their main and ultimate goal (quite rightly) is to  make sure  that the venue and it’s provisions run smoothly.  So if you turn up and all your floral displays are wrong and the guests can’t figure out where they are supposed to sit because the seating plan never arrived, don’t look at the in house co-ordinator to help you out because they won’t have been part of the planning process beforehand. They won’t know the background to your design scheme, or the family politics between divorced parents, or the fact that you wanted your table next to the main window, or…. I think I’ve made my point!

I should say that there are some fabulous in house wedding co-ordinators (and catering managers) who go above and beyond their call of duty. But I can’t think of one who offers the services that an independent wedding planner can provide from start to finish. The best of them know the value of a great wedding planner and will work together as a fabulous team to make sure couples have a perfect day.

And do be aware of venue supplier preferences – just because they personally rate them doesn’t mean they also suit your style or fit your budget… and some supplier recommendation lists haven’t been reviewed in quite some time!

loveluxe blog launch



Surely my wedding suppliers should be trusted to turn up and do a good job anyway?

Have a word with some of your suppliers on this one, I bet you that more times than not, they will agree that there is a huge difference between a wedding with a planner on board vs. one without, or even one with only an in house wedding co-ordinator.  Not only are the finishing touches and design usually executed with more precision, but also the flow of the event will be smoother and communication between the various suppliers will start earlier and be consistent.

An example would be if the bride arrives late (perhaps the car broke down or she got lipstick on her dress). This means the whole day is pushed back and every single supplier is affected. So a planner can liaise early with everyone, speak to the catering team and try to pull things back on time by having a shorter reception, informing the MC about the change of plan, and if necessary letting the evening band now they might be on a bit for the first dance.

A wedding planner will make both your life and suppliers lives easier.

somerset wedding planner



I love reading bridal magazines and following wedding blogs.  I don’t want a planner to take away the fun of planning my own wedding!

You’re engaged! It’s exciting, and you’ve probably been dreaming of planning your wedding for quite a long time.  You rush out to buy every wedding magazine on the shelf and make a note of every inspiring wedding blog on the web in the mission to collect all the resources which will help to plan your big day. You join pinterest and open up a whole new world of inspiring ideas and cute ways to make your wedding totally unique.

However, even for the seasoned party planner, it can quickly get overwhelming and stressful trying to narrow down your own personal style, and finding relevant suppliers that can deliver that within budget.  I can’t count the number of brides who’ve contacted me having become worn out with having to make so many decisions on their own, so much so that the process is no longer fun for them or their husband to be.

Wedding planners don’t have the strong emotional connection that you do to the planning process, and can show you the resources and suppliers that best fit your needs so that you can actually enjoy the planning process until the very end. They can offer advice on etiquette and take away the guess work on finding suppliers who are reliable and trustworthy.  A planner is also a great unbiased mediator in tricky family situations.

cotswold wedding co-ordinator



A wedding planner has all the right connections, acts as an experienced sounding board for decisions, is often used as a mediator, even a therapist, and your personal all round stress reducer. They exist to make sure that your big day is everything you dreamed of, and more!

For more information on wedding planning, styling & co-ordination services in the Cotswolds, check out my website and contact me for a free initial consultation.




Cotswolds Wedding Dress Designer Weekend: Suzanne Neville “Diamond Collection”

For one weekend only, on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th February, The White Rose Bridal Boutique are dedicating their beautiful boutique to the fabulous British designer, Suzanne Neville. The Cotswold based wedding dress and bridal boutique already has a large collection of the designer’s latest designs, but for this special weekend event, the full 2013 ‘Diamond Collection’ will be available for lucky brides to try on by appointment.

suzanne neville wedding dress cotswolds

This is a fantastic opportunity for brides who already know they are dreaming of a Suzanne Neville gown to come and see a huge variety of dresses from the 2013 ‘Diamond Collection’ as well as the 2012 ‘Nostalgia Collection’. The White Rose Bridal Boutique will also be offering a whopping 10% off all dress orders at the event.

This event is strictly by appointment, so brides will need to get in touch quickly to secure their place. Please contact Danielle on 01386 848 802 to make a booking.

Go, go, go!



Dragonfly Contemporary designs – New Bridal Boutique Launch Party

Evening all,

’tis the night before Christmas…. well not quite… but I am feeling very festive now that my decorations are up and the tree is all sparkly, and my last event of 2012 has finally happened. Last Thursday evening I had the absolute pleasure of helping Suzi with the official launch of her bridal boutique, Dragonfly Contemporary Designs. Previously located just down the road near the fabulous wedding venue and restaurant The Daffodil and following a short stay in Montpellier, Dragonfly has returned to The Suffolks in a brand new location boasting white floors, Farrow & Ball grey and HUGE mirrors to show off the range of designer bridal gowns from Suzanne Neville, Sassi Holford, Lyn Ashworth, Claire Mischevani and Stewart Parvin. Swoon.

Dragonfly Contemporary Designs - Wedding Dress Shop Cheltenham

I was enlisted to help in the organisation of this event, co-ordinating suppliers, filling goodie bags and getting the word out about this beautiful place – it came hot on the heels of also helping to co-ordinate the recent Johanna Hehir showcase in the Cotswolds, so  I’ve been lucky enough to have an amazing preview of some gorgeous 2013 collection dresses.

We had the beautiful Kimberlee Collicutt there to model one of the gorgeous dresses, with Lucy Pearce from BooLou Beauty doing the make up and the rather dashing Paco Delgado creating the gorgeous up do . Paco has also recently launched a new salon in The Suffolks, which is absolutely stunning both inside and out.

Paco Delgado Bridal Hair

Lucy Pearce BooLou Beauty  Bridal Make Up

Goodie bags were filled with macaroons from the supremely talented Contemporary Cake Designs, cookies from The Great Norwood Street Deli, letterpress Christmas cards from new cool kid on the block Cherry Press, hair treatment samples from Paco Delgado, super cute screen printed pin badges from Megan Alice England (she is just launching wedding favours and stationery), a plantable gift from moi, and discounts at local cafe’s and shops. Each bag was finished with a pop of colour by way of a buttonhole from Bloomers (nice new branding Bev!).

Wedding Industry Goodie Bags


Bev from Bloomers also created a gorgeous floral display, and Xavier from Contemporary Cake Designs displayed one of his gorgeous cakes from his new collection… super duper mega pretty.

Contemporary Cake Designs Pink and Blue Petal Wedding Cake

White Roses Winter Floral Display by Bloomers

The place was absolutely full of wedding industry folk, local business owners and real brides – it was so lovely to see the support for Suzi and her team, and of course not only did I get to catch up with some friendly faces but I also got to talk “wedding” with those ladies getting hitched next year. Loved the turnout of their bridesmaids too, good work !

Suzie from Karma Kars Cotswold

Jessie Thomson with Real Bride

Real Bride Dragonfly Cotswolds

Suzi Dragonfly Contemporary Designs

Real Bride Vanilla Pod Bakery

Brides look at wedding dresses

Pia from Vanilla Pod Bakery

Here are some shots of the dresses, I absolutely adored the dress worn by Kim and all the pretty jewels too!

Wedding Dresses Cotswolds

Blush Wedding Dress

Dragonfly Wedding Dress Model

Vintage Brooch Hair sparkle

Checkout my Facebook page  for more images, with huge thanks to Marcus from Bigeye Photography for taking them all. And a big congratulatory hug to Suzi for a very successful launch. Don’t tell anyone but she’s running a special offer of 10% off all wedding dresses if you book an appointment in December 2012 and there are some fabulous sample sale dresses to get your hands on too. Top secret mind.

Suzi owner Dragonfly Wedding Dress Shop

More Christmas/Wedding decor DIY tutorials coming up this week I promise… glitter reindeer next!



Bridal Boutique Celebrates New Opening in Cheltenham

Dragonfly Contemporary Designs (, a high-end bridal boutique based in the regency town of Cheltenham Spa in the Cotswolds, is inviting brides and local industry suppliers to an open evening in their new boutique located in The Suffolks.

Dragonfly Window - Sassi Holford

After a brief move to Montpellier, the designer dress shop has re-opened in a beautiful location on Great Norwood Street, also home to the long-standing florist Bloomers of Cheltenham and myself!

From 5-9pm on Thursday 6th December, brides-to-be are invited to come along and see the new boutique, where they will receive a glass of bubbly on arrival, special discounts off dresses when they book appointments, and a free goodie bag. Some of the best local suppliers will also be showcasing their work during the evening, with bridal experts Suzi Hounam-Brooker and Rita Fong Man also on hand to give tips and advice on choosing the perfect dress.

Cotswolds Bridal Shop Sample Sale

Dragonfly Contemporary Designs stocks some of the most well known bridal designers in the industry, including Suzanne Neville, Sassi Holford and Lyn Ashworth amongst others. The new boutique – previously the home of popular gift shop Milly B – with it’s crisp white interior and soft grey finishes, shows off the range of wedding gowns beautifully, with maximum privacy for brides wanting a very personal experience.

Dragonfly Dresses - Sassi Holford and Suzanne Neville

Suzi said: “I am delighted to welcome new brides into my boutique. It’s been hard work getting the layout and design just right, but feedback from appointments so far has been extremely positive. I feel very proud that I was able to bring this Cheltenham gem back to The Suffolks!”

For more information on attending the opening evening please contact Suzi at or call on +44 (0)1242 224 466.

Get in there ladies!



Wedding Chat with Great British Pizza

Hi ladies & gents,

What a grey and rainy week we’ve had after such a good start to Spring. Hope any brides getting married this month have got their wellies and umbrellas at the ready?! Always be prepared!

Every once in a while I come across an awesome new wedding supplier in the Cotswolds that I feel the need to share with you all. I was contacted recently by the lovely Rachel from The Great British Pizza Co, a new start up catering company who drive around the Cotswolds (and further afield) in their beautifully restored 1974 VW Campervan, selling delicious handmade pizzas from their bespoke wood-fired oven at Farmers Markets, Festivals and private events.

It’s an awesome alternative for delicious grub to serve up at a laid back wedding, or those wanting something a little more unique to offer guests. It’s also perfect for birthday’s and children’s parties where you want to inject a bit of fun!

Where possible, these guys use local, seasonal ingredients and, if at all possible, organic ones too. They have travelled the Cotswolds looking for the best suppliers for flour, cheese, meat and vegetables. They also source goodies from their own garden, from local growers and farmers and other excellent local producers. The menu looks delish!

So to help introduce this new venture from behind the scenes, let’s hear it from Rachel herself….

Tell me a little bit about yourself

I’m a passionate foodie and award winning chef *editors note – Rachel actually told me that she is just a good cook who knows a bit about food, but the former statement is also true!

I’ve lived all over the world, travelled even more of the world, and tried to make a living in almost every industry that interests me, from retail to property and publishing to tennis coaching, before finally settling on food, where I’ve found my true vocation.

Tell me a little bit about your service

Great British Pizza Co. captures the zeitgeist of the mobile food movement with our travelling wood-fired pizza company. We serve delicious pizzas, using the highest quality ingredients, supporting local producers where possible, freshly made to order from our bespoke wood-fired oven.

How long have you been in business?

We started three weeks ago!

How did you get involved in your profession?

My partner, Lisa, and I had a successful pub in Wiltshire (which was a lifelong dream come to fruition), but we had to give it up when I became unwell and unable to continue the 16 hour days in the kitchen. I was having some treatment in Orlando, Florida at the end of last year and came across a food truck convention in the car park of a huge DIY store – there were 30-odd mobile food offerings, serving incredible food. Each stall had queues of dozens of people. A seed was planted and it’s grown from there. It’s perfect – all the great things about cooking for a living without the stress and hassle of employees, paying rent and never having time off. The downside is the 4.30am starts!

If you weren’t involved in your own business, what else would you like to do?

Property development or interior design.

What or who inspires you?

I’m inspired by successful women in business like Karren Brady and Sarah Blakely. And my travels – food, architecture, people…. all make me look at things differently and give me lots of fresh ideas and inspiration.

What do you love most about what you do?

Producing fantastic food that makes people happy.

What makes your service unique?

Our oven. Our toppings. Our customer service.

What’s your best memory from your job so far?

When we sold out of pizzas at our second market. And the fact that two customers came back for a second pizza.

What’s the most unusual request you’ve ever had?

Margarita pizza with banana. Seriously! The customer is, apparently, always right.

What’s your working week like?

7 days a week. If we not on our stall serving pizzas, we’re elbow-deep in dough, prepping the toppings, sending out press releases, generating bookings for festivals, markets and other events, or planning the next phase of the business.

What made you want to work in the wedding industry?

I believe that weddings are evolving and are not necessarily the formal events they once were. I think we can offer something unique to couples looking for a fun, different, delicious and exceptional value for money alternative to the formal sit down catering option.

What’s the biggest misconception about your industry?

That mobile food units serve greasy, low quality food. Though the industry is changing rapidly and mobile street food is currently a very fashionable way to eat. As Giles Coren said in The Times a few weeks ago; “The best restaurants now do only one thing, very fast, and usually from the back of a van”.

What is the best piece of advice you would give to couples planning their wedding?

Have fun.

Where can we find you?
Twitter: @greatbritishpizza
Facebook: Great British Pizza Co.
Phone: 07730875340

So there you have it, fab idea right? Now someone please book them and let me feature the wedding on here next! 🙂



A Cotswold Birthday Treat at Barnsley House and The Village Pub

Morning all,

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to catch up with my blog posts yesterday… a baby girl announcement and rainy day engagement shoot to die for! But today I wanted to share a few images from a gorgeous 50th birthday party I co-ordinated and styled at Barnsley House and The Village Pub in the Cotswolds back in February this year.

Weddings are a real passion of mine, but I also love any good party… especially milestone events in our lives like naming days, birthdays and anniversaries. This particular 50th birthday weekend of celebrations was nothing short of spectacular. Guests came from London and Scotland to see what the Cotswolds had to offer, and I kick started my new obsession with bay & rosemary scented candles. So darn good!!

There were spa treatments with champagne, chocolates and strawberries for the ladies on Saturday… whilst the gents watched rugby in the cinema at Barnsley House, complete with beer on tap of course! There was a fabulous cocktail party and a candle lit dinner for 80 guests that evening… and as I watched the snow keep falling I wondered if I was ever going to get half the guests back to Bibury Court that night. Luckily a few 4×4 volunteers appeared and as the roads started to clear the taxi’s came out again… I had visions of leading guests back on foot by torch light, and given that I was 37 weeks pregnant at the time, it wasn’t something to look forward to!

Hat’s off to the FANTASTIC staff  who stayed over night in make shift beds in the spa and conference room, not all of them were able to get back home and the commitment of everyone who stayed and the superb management reminded me that Barnsley House really is an elite venue in the Cotswolds.

The next day I headed back over to the picturesque village, now covered in white, to set up for a pub quiz at The Village Pub over the road for those guests who weren’t too hungover/cold to venture out of their cosy beds! Yummy food and water (!) flowed, with the winning team taking home gorgeous coffee table books about the Cotswolds home with them.

Here are a few images from the evening with thanks to Kenneth James Photography – I think you’ll agree that the birthday girl has three gorgeous daughters, all of whom I’d love to help plan weddings with in the future! The beautiful flowers were supplied by the ever lovely Rachel Jones and later that night the music was provided by Cheltenham DJ Neil Ollerton who somehow managed to get all his kit in despite the snow stopping his van getting far past the entrance to the main drive! You gotta love a good supplier!

The hard work paid off, here are a few of the lovely words that were sent to me after the excitement and celebrations were over:

“Now that things have calmed down a bit I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for all your help during the weekend. It was great to know that someone else with an eye for detail was looking out for my guests. I particularly appreciated that you hand wrote the two missing place cards and that you got the wet coat rack moved (I had noticed it and was going to say something but couldn’t think of anywhere it could go and told myself to chill out as no-one else was noticing it – but I was very happy when it ‘disappeared’ !). I’m sure we’ll be back in touch but just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything and I’m sure Barnsley House would be delighted to work with you again (as I would if I could just think of another fab event to plan!).”

Is anyone working at or planning their own wedding or event at Barnsley House & Spa this year? I’d love to hear all about it.

Hope everyone is having a great week!