Rapunzel Theme Styled Shoot with So Sassi

Recently I was asked by Jenny from Love Me Love My Wedding to collaborate with her on a styled shoot for So Sassi wedding dresses from Sassi Holford. Obviously I said yes!

We had three scenes, each of which I created a moodboard for to help give direction to all the suppliers involved. The photos will be landing here soon, but I thought I’d reveal a little bit of the first scene, inspired by the fairy tale of Rapunzel.

I chose the colour scheme based on details from the story itself… Rapunzel was caught stealing rampion plants, which is a common name for several wildflower plants which all have lilac colour flowers.

Rapunzel Theme

All images via Pinterest

The official photos of this styled scene will be featured here soon, but I couldn’t resist sharing this beautiful video take on the day by Vogue Wedding Films for the weekend!

Don’t know about you but I am massively lusting after short wedding dresses right now. Stunning.



Wedding chat with The Wedding Tree Company

What a beautiful day here in the Cotswolds! So lovely that I thought I would buy myself some pretty flowers from Bloomers who are just down the road from me, to cheer up my office desk – also dining table/craft table – can’t wait to move house next month! – and inspire me to pick up my blogging pen again.

Bloomers of Cheltenham

I thought I’d start by writing up an interview with a fantastic local supplier who is relatively new to the wedding industry, The Wedding Tree Company.

Tell me a little bit about yourself…

We are Mr & Mrs Ford. Richard and Jennifer, along with our 2 year old daughter Ava-Grace, the family behind ‘The Wedding Tree Company’. Richard is a hearty tradesman with big hands and an accurate eye for joinery. I am a primary school teacher with ever changing hair colour and a love of art.

The Wedding Tree Company

Tell me about The Wedding Tree Company…

The Wedding Tree Company offers Brides and Grooms bespoke and totally personalised wooden wedding products, props, venue accessories and keep sakes. Venue accessories and props includes items such as menu boards, directional sign posts and signs for photographs, rustic wishing wells for guests to leave cards and gifts and oak frames to surround table plans. Smaller items include uniquely crafted wedding favours such as willow dragon flies, engraved coasters and personalised wooden key rings or name tags.

Our personal favourite and very popular with the public, is the ‘Oak Wedding Guest Book Plank’ a quirky alternative to the traditional paper guest books which tend to live in a box after the wedding day and gather dust on a shelf. The Guest planks are personalised with the couples own initials, date, venue, and any other unique drawings or details they choose and are then send out ready for guests to write well wishes on. Supplied fixings then enable the guest plank to be hung in the home, on display as an everlasting reminder of the special day.

wooden wedding menu

How did you get involved in the industry?

Richard has been successfully running his own joinery business for the last 7 years, carrying out bespoke furniture commissions and domestic joinery. On the lead up to our own wedding, last August, I kept Richard busy making wooden props to personalise our own special day, as I was having very little luck sourcing the items I had conjured up in my head. This is when the light bulb went on in Richard’s head, ‘this is a business’ he chirped down the phone to me. And so it began, after a relaxing honeymoon it was time to hit the ground running, we have now been branching out in the world of weddings as The Wedding Tree Company for 5 months.

What do you love most about your job?

Richard is in his element in when he is in his workshop, there is nothing he would rather be doing. The Wedding Tree is all about giving other couples the chance to personalise their day with quirky props and keep sakes, so for us to be a part of that, really makes our job worthwhile.

bespoke wedding sign

What makes your service unique?

The personalisation, quirkiness, and the insight into the couple who are tying the knot. Due to the personal nature of The Wedding Tree Company’s products, couples have the opportunity to create something that is totally personal to them. With Richard’s joinery skills and my artistic flare all we need is the ideas given by the couple to make there items unique and totally bespoke to them, giving their guests a talking point and making it a day to remember.

What’s the most unusual request you’ve ever had?

Not so much as unusual but quirky. Our hand painted signs have proven to be a very popular product amongst our range and my favourite one we’ve done so far, has to be for a bride and groom who wanted a polite, but humorous sign asking parents to look after their children during the wedding day. The Couple were more than happy to invite children to their special day but, quite understandably, didn’t want them running around causing chaos. The sign simply read ‘All unattended children will be given an espresso and a free puppy’. As we have our own 2 year old and many of our other friends have young children we also had quite a few little ones at our own wedding, so this, I think, would be a brilliant way of reminding parents to keep an eye on their kids, without being too formal, we loved the idea!

wooden wedding sign

What’s your working week like?

After a wedding show at the weekend, the beginning of the week is usually pretty hectic, emailing the new brides-to-be that we have spoken to, answering emails and enquiries and responding to any orders placed. The Wedding Tree HQ is a bright pink room at our home address in Tamworth, Staffordshire which also doubles up as a two year olds play playroom.

This is where the day to day running of the company takes place, replying to our lovely customer’s emails, quoting jobs and coming up with brilliant new, unique ideas for your special day. All of the fun stuff takes place at our workshop, also based in Tamworth. Bonehill farm is home to around 17 small businesses like ours and is a lovely place to be creative. The workshop is around 150sq foot and is large enough for all of the machines and tool required to produce our wonderful products.

wood guest book

Have you seen many changes since you started your business?

As we have only been up and running in the wedding industry for 5 short months, it’s all new and exciting, our products and services are changing all the time, as new ideas are being developed. For any of you who know my husband, the driving force behind The Wedding Tree, he can’t sit still for longer than two minutes, there’s always a new project or idea to be worked on, changes occur on a daily basis!

What’s the biggest misconception about your industry/service?

The main misconception is usually about the guest book planks, we have had people query how we engrave the wedding guest’s messages on to the board once they have been written on. We don’t in fact do this, the only engraved part is the couples Names, initials, wedding date etc. that is agreed prior to us sending out the completed guest book plank, the guest simply write their messages and well wishes directly onto the Oak, using a marker pen and the process is complete, ready to hang on the wall as a lasting memory.

wedding wishing well

What is the best piece of advice you would give to couples planning their wedding?

Don’t overlook the small things and the personal touches, that’s what our guests loved the most, the attention to detail. Most of all enjoy it, every bit of it, from the moment you start planning to the minute the last dance ends. Savour every moment of the big day and make time to take it all in.

Have you worked with any other local vendors or suppliers that you’d recommend to couples getting married in the Cotswolds? And why?

Not as yet but through wedding fayres and social media we have been introduced to a lot of fabulous suppliers based in the Cotswolds that we hope to work alongside in the future.

Where can we find you? 

Website – http://www.theweddingtree.co.uk

Email – theweddingtree@live.co.uk

Phone – 07791323 525

Facebook – The Wedding Tree Company

Twitter – @TheWeddingTree

I’ve seen their products up close and they really are as good as they look, a company clearly driven with passion and skill. Now THAT is what I like to see!! Although based in the Cotswolds Richard and Jennifer cover the whole of the UK and beyond.



All images via Stephen Hayes Photography

DIY Tutorial: Gold Glitter Reindeer (Plastic Toys)

Brrrr, it’s frosty today! Had to fill up on gingerbread latte whilst walking the doggy this morning – much rather it was like this than soggy and wet though. Hopefully will stay this way for any Cotswold winter weddings, but could do without the snow and ice this year!

I promised a tutorial on how to make the gold glitter reindeer I recently created for the Hyde Barn Tweetup….

Gold Glitter Animals Wedding Table

Image via Motif Wedding Photography

For some time there has been a trend in the wedding industry (and some general pinterest love) for spray painting little plastic animal figures for table decorations, and it’s such a simple but cute addition which would particularly suit a farm or barn wedding venue. They’d make great escort cards, or cake toppers and are perfect an animal loving couple!

As the wedding table I styled was so close to Christmas I thought I’d take this trend one stop further with little woodland creatures covered in glitter… blingtastic! The little deer folk are now on my fireplace mantel looking rather jolly even if I do say do myself.

glitter reindeer and hearts fireplace

Image via Jessie Thomson on Instagram

These were so easy to make, here is  what you need….

  • Plastic Figurines – you can buy tubs of animals online, most commonly you’ll find farm, rainforest, zoo and jungle creatures. My reindeer were from Schleich which can be found in most toy shops and via amazon.
  • Mod Podge – or other white pva glue
  • Gold glitter
  • Paintbrush – any old/cheap one will do, just make sure it’s fairly small so you can get into the nooks and crannies!
  • Newspaper – glitter gets messy!

I used my paintbrush to give the plastic deer a thin(ish) layer of glue all over, held it over the newspaper and then sprinkled glitter all over until it was covered. Here is what they lookd like after the one coat:

Gold Glitter Reindeer Toys

Not bad, but you can see there a few spots missing glitter, especially  where I was holding them (the foot!) and glue had come off. I let them dry overnight then touched up with extra glue in the gaps with my litte paintbrush the next morning, re-sprinked glitter and voila, they were evenly covered!!

Gold Sparkle Deer

Image via Photoglow

They are a fun an easy Christmas project, and actually I think they’d look cute turned into Christmas tree hanging decorations or used to tie onto Christmas wrapped pressies for a bit of luxe.

What do you think?




DIY Glitter Feather Tutorial

Hey there,

My hubby came home from Brighton last night with advent  calendars from the in-laws. Which means one thing, Christmas is just around the corner!!

I recently styled a table for the Hyde Barn Tweetup and promised to share a few tutorials for the DIY elements (there were quite a few!). One of the prettiest was the glitter feather garlands I made to decorate the backs of the chairs:

Gold Glitter Dipped White Feathers

Image via Photoglow

Gold Glitter Feather Garland Chair Back

Image via Eve Dunlop

They are so simple to make and would also look great at place settings  or strung up around the venue, perhaps even a gorgeous backdrop for the head table. I also think they’d look super pretty adorning a Christmas tree, so thought I’d share this one with you first!

Ok so here’s what you need:

  1. Pack of white feathers (I got mine from amazon nice and cheap, but you can also get them from other craft shops fairly easily)
  2. Gold thread (or twine, or cotton, or ribbon, or…. you get the picture!)
  3. PVA glue (I used mod podge as it dries nice and clear)
  4. Gold glitter
  5. Small paintbrush
  6. Newspaper (the glitter gets messy!)

So I started off by pouring some glitter into plastic container – I found this helpful in getting an even coverage and also when sprinkling glitter from the main container it allowed me to keep things tidy. I then dipped one end of the feather into the tub of glue, shaking off any excess, before dipping straight into my container of glitter. It worked, but the result was a bit too heavy on the glitter for me (never thought  you’d hear me say that!).

So, I got a cheap small paintbrush, and with my next feather I painted the glue on in a thin layer before sprinkling with the glitter  (over my container to catch it). This resulted in a much neater finish with just as much sparkle… so I continued using that technique until I’d done around five feathers per chair.

I used fine gold thread to string each mini garland together – but you could use any string/cotton/ribbon that takes your fancy. If you do use a finer thread then be careful not to get them tangled if you need to transport them (like I did!).

By the way I also did some others afterwards with gold glitter spray (just spraying the ends of each feather), which was much more subtle but looked gorgeous. A good option if need to save time or don’t want the mess!!

Happy glittering!




Hyde Barn Tweetup – Cotswold Wedding Supplier Showcase

Afternoon lovelies,

On Tuesday evening this week I left Flora in the capable hands of my hubby and nipped over to Stow-on-the-Wold (just me and my little green Figaro travelling across the Cotswolds in the rain), to take part in s fabulous industry get together and styling event at the stunning new wedding venue Hyde Barn. I’ve been attending these regular tweetups since they first started, and if any of you lovely readers happen to be on Twitter you should definitely follow the hash-tag #gloswed to keep up with local wedding industry news.

However this time the get together was a little different, a little bit special, because this time it was STYLED! Yey!

I remember the lovely Suzie from Karma Kars Cotswold hatching this plan as I drove her to the (pretty naughty) party with Rock My Wedding recently. See hilarious video of Suzie and I discussing our underwear  at the party here. Yes really.

I was totally up for bringing a bit of “pretty” to what were already great networking evenings, and agreed to put together a styled table for the event.

Here is the result!

Mint Green and Gold Wedding Table

I decided to create something that real brides could totally re-create themselves, even those on a tight budget. I’m always telling brides that stylish doesn’t have to mean expensive, and what better way to demonstrate that to other suppliers too?

The theme I chose for the table was “mint and gold” – two major trends that will still be strong for 2013 weddings. Oh and my website is mint green. And my car. And half of my home decor. What can I say, I like the color…. a lot.

I also included a few more trends for 2013… tassel garlands, bow tie napkins, gold glitter, feathers, texture, letterpress, cookie favours, an ombre cake… boom.

I had an idea that I dreamt up with Marie Green from the divine Made by Marie Green  bakery, to use a mini  wedding cake for the table number holder – which at a real wedding you could replicate and do on each table. After the bride and groom cut the cake at the head table,  guests would get to cut the cake on their own table (and make a wish) eating it for their pud! Marie also made some absolutely delicious cookies for favours, which I tied with gold thread twine. She’d letter-pressed “Love” and “Mr & Mrs” on them, as well as some with our names on especially. Love her.

Mint Green Ombre Cake

letterpress twine tied cookie favours

twine tied iced cookies

And talking of table numbers, the dashing Mr David Lewis of Cherry Press created the stunning letterpress stationery for me, also in mint and gold. He has a lovely little studio in chipping Campden and can do pretty much anything your letterpress heart desires. He created the table number, menu’s and super cure little wine glass tags that read “Eat. Drink and be Married”.

letterpress menu, gold charger plate, bow tie napkin

mint gold wedding stationery

I wanted to use budget friendly florals, and I’m adoring the use of simple succulents and baby’s breath displays at the moment. Luckily  Cotswold florist Rose Hamson totally agreed with me and created beautiful displays exactly as I asked her (better in fact), as well as filling some of my own vintage green glass bottles for me on the night. Her style is modern (in a good way) and fresh. I totally love her and her designs. We had balls of babys breath, mini succulents in gold spray painted mini tin buckets, and larger succulents  in hurricane vases with gold grit.

babys breath wedding flowers

babys breath in vintage glass bottles

mint table runner with mini succulent

baby's breath flower table centrepiece

Over the next  couple of weeks I’m planning to give you some DIY tutorials on how I made some of the other bits of decor and styling, including the glitter dipped feather garlands on chair backs, the tissue paper tassel garland at the front of the table, the glitter heart cake toppers (used here in the baby’s breath floral displays), gold glitter reindeer, the bow tie fold napkins and the very budget friendly table number holder. Oh and in case you’re interested, the mint green table runner is simply a couple of rolls of crepe paper from amazon. Lovely texture, lovely price.

mint gold top table with tassel garland

bow tie fold napkin with gold ribbon

gold glitter dipped white feather garland chair back

gold glitter reindeer plastic toys

And in case you were wondering, amongst all the styling I did actually do a bit of networking too! I always like to catch up with some of fave colleagues in the industry, but it’a also nice to meet new faces and try and support each other. Here is the proof that I can schmooze and booze with the best of them (ok no booze, I was driving… boo), and my fave shot of  me with Hyde Barn wedding hosts Annie and Laura who had pride of place at my “Top Table”.

Hyde Barn Wedding Suppliers

Cotswold Wedding suppliers

Jessie Thomson, Wedding & Event Planner and Stylist

HUGE enormous  thanks to Jonathon at Photoglow and Sarah at Motif Wedding Photography for taking the official photo’s and being kind enough to let me have copies for this blog post. They only had about 9 mins per table before guests started crowding round so kudos to them!

Hope you’re looking forward to the tutorials and tips so you can re-create part (or all!) of this look. Stay tuned!




Winter Wedding Tips: Planning, Styling, Flowers & Photography

Hey there,

As most of you know, yesterday I appeared on the first ever LIVE LoveLuxe Blog hangout to talk about winter weddings. If you couldn’t watch last night, then here is the video for you to watch at leisure. I hope you agree that it’s a great idea (kudos to Rosie!) and I’m certainly going to be watching the next one!

Let me know what you think, and of course feel free to post any extra questions on topics we may not have covered.




LIVE Winter wedding Q&A with LoveLuxe Blog


I hope everyone has been snuggling up in warm winter knits and a cup of hot cocoa these last few days, it’s geting dark so early now and really starting to feel like winter. I know it’s nearly Christmas when I light a candle in my office in the morning!

I expect there are a number of Cotswold brides currently planning a winter wedding at the moment, I’m certainly working with a few again this year, and there are extra considerations for those of you who’ve been brave enough to wear a wedding dress in the colder months.

With so many brides opting for out of season wedding dates, it’s also the industry suppliers and vendors who need to be more knowledgable.

Cotswolds Christmas theme winter weddingStyling by Jessie Thomson, Photography by Limelight Studio

So it really is exciting to be able to announce my involvement with the first LoveLuxe Blog live hangout on Wednesday 7th November from 8-9pm where a panel of experts will be chatting live via video about their experiences with winter weddings.  It’s essentially this awesome little community where we get to share ideas, tips and best practice as well as answering any questions that people post as we chat!

The other fabulous industry experts joining me are; incredible dress designer Charlotte Balbier, the very talented photographer Shell de Mar, make up artist to the stars Kellie Mitchell, top UK florist Emma Lappin and real bride Rebecca Aspin who also runs Sell My Wedding.

You can send your questions in to any of us by commenting on the LoveLuxe Blog page, leaving a question on the Facebook Wall or using the hashtag #loveluxewinter on Twitter. You’ll also be able to communicate with all of us live on the site while the Q&A is taking place, and whether you’re a bride, planning a party or an industry expert looking to do a bit of networking – everybody’s welcome!

I’m also now a regular guest blogger over at LoveLuxe so do pop over to read my recent posts on choosing your wedding theme and finding out the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding stylist, I would love your comments!

Hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween yesterday… check out my little one all dressed up for the occasion!

Baby Flora and Mummy!




DIY Fringe Streamers and Pinwheels

Hi again,

Yesterday I helped Chris & Debbie celebrate their very exciting wedding at The Great Tythe Barn in the Cotswolds. Hopefully I’ll get to share some images with you soon… but let’s just say there was a barn owl, an ice luge, The Beatles and some pretty incredible fireworks. Excited much?!

But first, I’ve promised to share with you some of the DIY secrets behind my decorations used when I styled the September window for The White Rose Bridal Boutique in Chipping Campden, which happened to coincide with the fabulous one year anniversary celebrations they held there featuring a gorgeous singer and some delicious cupcakes from The Cheltenham Cakery.

Here are some images with thanks to the lovely Danielle who owns the boutique, and has a wealth of knowledge about all things bridal.

Everything in this window is really easy for you to make yourself, yet all the bright colours and attention to detail would make your wedding decor super fabulous.

First up, DIY fringe streamers. Here is what you need:

  • Pack of Crepe Paper – not the ready made streamers
  • Scissors
  • Masking Tape – just to secure the streamers from the ceiling

Take a roll of crepe paper, and cut off a section about two inches wide. Then along each edge, cut the “fringe” leaving space along the middle. Once both sides have been done, twist the whole thing a little and then pull apart. Voila!

Here is a few useful visual from the blog Oh Happy Day which might be handy:

Do these in whatever colour scheme your heart desires, then hang from the ceiling or along walls… Lovely!

The pinwheels take a little more effort, but once you get the hang of them are pretty simple and look really effective. What you’ll need:

  • Thick paper or card in chosen colours
  • Fishing wire/cotton thread
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun/Double Sided Tape
  • Ruler (optional)
  • Hole puncher (optional)

First you need to take one piece of card paper and fold it accordion style, using your thumb as guidance for the width will save time using a ruler. Once you have folded the whole piece of paper, fold the whole thing in half and glue the inside folds together. This will make one third of your wheel.

Repeat two more times and you should have three parts, which you can then spread out and glue together on each side of the outer accordion fold to make a full wheel.

You can leave it like this, or stick on a different colour circle of card paper (button or brooch if you prefer) for the centre as a bit of extra decor.

In order to hang them you’ll need to either punch a hole at the top of one of the folds to thread wire or cotton through, or like I did, simply hot glue a length of fishing wire to the back.

You could also use them in other inventive ways, such as this gorgeous table runner featured on Green Wedding Shoes:

Here they rounded off the edge of one end of the accordion folds before gluing together, they also punched holes in some of them for added prettiness.

There are other DIY projects to try from my styled window, including the pretty cake topper and mini flower pom poms which make great table decor if you want a burst of colour.

Let me know how you get on!




Two in One Wedding in the Cotswolds ~ Fiona & Kesh Part 2

Hi everyone,

Hope you had a fabulous weekend and are looking forward to (hopefully!) a brighter week with a little less rain. We can but dream.

I’ve been waiting ages so share this post with you, if you remember the previous post on Fiona & Kesh’s engagement shoot then you’ll be as excited as I am, because we get to look at more fabulous images from the talented Marcus Ward from Bigeye Photography.

In April 2012, just a few weeks after I’d had my baby girl Flora, and after months of careful planning and co-ordination, I had the pleasure of working at Fiona & Kesh’s wedding at The Matara Centre in Kingscote, where I was asked to style the venue in the morning, returning to transform it for evening celebrations later on. The table themes were inspired by a styling event I’d done previously at Matara where I first met this lovely couple.

Fiona and Kesh first met in 2006 and after falling head over heels in love, Kesh proposed romantically with a treasure hunt on Christmas day where the final clue was attached to their gorgeous doggy’s collar where Kesh was waiting with a ring!

One of the most exciting things about this wedding in Gloucestershire, is that the couple got married twice in one day! Yup….two outfits, two make up looks, two ceremonies and MUCH celebration!The day began early at 10am with an intimate garland exchange followed by the Hindu ceremony in the main room. Guests sipped champagne and chatted over canapes while the couple changed into their second outfits for the next ceremony, which took place outside in the courtyard. The rain cleared just in time!

I hope you enjoy looking few the photo’s…. this AWESOME wedding was featured in Unique Bride Magazine this month so it’s gotta be pretty special right?! 😉

Look forward to hearing your comments on this one… would YOU ever attempt two ceremonies in one day?!





Photography: Marcus Ward from Bigeye Photography

Venue: The Matara Centre Kingscote, Gloucestershire

Brides Lengha : Kirans’ in Soho Rd, Birmingham

Brides white wedding dress: bought from ‘Just For You Brides’ in Bristol

Grooms Sherwani: bought from Ahsan’s in Soho Rd, Birmingham

Props: Oasis Events

Flowers: Flowercube

Styling: Jessie Thomson Weddings & Events

Wedding Season in Full Swing!

Hi folks,

Sorry for the radio silence, wedding season is in full swing here in the Cotswolds and I’ve been super busy with styling & co-ordination as well as full planning for brides in 2013!

On Thursday I’m going to be doing a wedding at Stone Barn in Aldsworth, a relatively new venue in Gloucestershire that’s absolutely gorgeous.

A little while back I helped another bride getting hitched here with a few supplier recommendations, and you can see her FABULOUS wedding here if you want some super stylish inspiration. The wonderful Louise from Cirencester Cupcakes did the yummy victoria sponge wedding cake which I totally adore.

I’m meeting up with my next Bride & Groom tomorrow for a final run through and to collect all the wedding decorations and props in advance. They’re having a very clean and simple theme with lots of white and green. Looking forward to working alongside some great Cotswold suppliers as well as a few new vendors from further afield.

I still have a few dates left in 2012 if you are getting hitched and looking for a planner or stylist to help out on your big day. Don’t leave it too late and avoid the stress of finding someone last minute!

In other news, I’ve been updating my website recently. It’s a job that takes me ages, but nice to finally have some of my recent weddings featured in the portfolio.

Now if everyone could make a wish for sunshine on Thursday I’d be really grateful. 🙂

Speak soon.