Wedding dress trends for 2012

Morning beautiful brides to be!

It’s a beautiful day here in the Cotswolds, but certainly starting to feel a bit more autumnal now. I’ll be blogging about a gorgeous winter wonderland wedding style soon but for those of you still looking for THE DRESS I thought I’d sum up a few faves and trends for 2012.

The Illusion Dress

This neckline is both elegant with a touch of sexy. It’s a perfect dress for ladies who like the idea of a strapless number but would really prefer straps to avoid hitching it up all night. A style that’s not been seen everywhere and that suits both the modest and the outgoing.

Monique Lluillier

Anne Barge

Two-Tiered Loveliness

For daring brides who want a bit of structure in their gown, and a flattering shape for those of us with slightly wider hips than our smaller framed friends.

Anna Maier

J Crew

Horsehair (but not real horses!)

This is where the hem on a dress is created with a horse hair braid. This is not actually made from horse hair (!!) , but is a synthetic nylon or plastic braiding.

This style creates a flexible but slightly stiff hemline, adding shape and movement to a skirt. It can also help to keep a long train in shape and allows you to move more easily. The new take on this look is almost a fluffy cloud like cappucino effect. Tres romantic.

Vera Wang

Vera Wang

Blushing Bride

More and more brides are tempted to opt for a bit more of a colourful wedding dress, throwing out traditional white for something more interesting. The colour for 2012 is a soft blushing pink, perfect for vintage brides and anyone with a gorgeous warm skin tone. Monique Llhuillier is definitely the queen of this shade.

Monique Lluillier

Monique Llhuillier

Lace Sleeves a la Kate Middleton

She looked the picture of a classic but contemporary bride, and the look is catching on. This is a beautiful style to wear if you’re getting married in a church and want to retain your modesty whilst ticking all the trend boxes. Lily Allen also rocked this style at ther wedding this year.

The Vintage Wedding Dress Company

Lily Allen in Chanel

Sometimes you fall in love with a dress that just doesn’t fit into current trends or traditional styles, it just feels, well, YOU! I spotted these two in my research and just love ’em. Not sure I’d be brave enough to rock gladiator style boots though. 🙂

Alquimia - Wedding Inspirasi

Have you rocked an unusual dress for your wedding in the Cotswolds? I’d love to see your photo’s! Or are you planning something unique but keeping it a secret? Post your comments ladies!

See you soon.